Vendor Edge or Compass

If you are a Vendor Supplier, who sells products to the apartment industry,
you have choices:

Vendor Edge Plus Program Link

The Vendor Edge Plus Program is a detailed look at a particular market providing monthly updated information on Multifamily Properties, Management Companies, and key personnel from On-site Managers to that Management Company. Vendor Edge Plus is essential to the Product and Service professional in order to keep track of the ever- changing multifamily industry personnel and assets. Read More

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Compass Program Link

The Compass Program is a nationwide overview of the entire multifamily industry. Compass provides you with the “30,000 foot view” of the entire multifamily industry but is also powerful enough to let you drill down to a city or even a neighborhood view. National portfolios, management company organizational charts (both offices and personnel), property-level data on over 114,000 properties throughout the country. Follow thousands of changes in managers, management companies, property names, email addresses, key personnel EVERY MONTH! This program has it all.
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