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We are an Apartment Data Researcher and Provider

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Summary List of Programs

  • Compass is the only nationwide database that provides a national overview for the entire multifamily industry. Utilized by national service providers, this program will change your way of doing business within the multifamily industry. All unit count.
  • Vendor Edge Plus for Product and Service personnel provides up-to-date contact information in specific markets on properties, management companies with phone numbers, email addresses and more. 50 or more units.
  • ALN OnLine for Asset/Fee Management or Owners, Appraisers, Lenders, Brokers and developers and others, providing fast access to market data and statistical analysis of any apartment in our database. 50 or more units.
  • Apartment Locator for Apartment Locators and Real Estate Agents reports data that can be used to track and find properties for clients based on specific property requirements and amenities. 50 or more units.

Independently owned and established in 1991

Independently owned, ALN began with the inception of our Locator Program (1991) and then ALN OnLine (1993), providing Market Analysis for the Owner/Manager. Since then, our programs and markets have grown to what ALN is known for today - Market Data with integrity. In the last 10 years, the evolution of our Vendor programs have grown to 140+ Vendor Edge Plus markets and cover over 112,000 properties for the Compass National program. These programs provide client specific tools to assist with any multifamily business need for the multifamily professional.

ALN today is the largest collector of Apartment Data in the United States. We update monthly and report on over 112,000 properties nationwide from data analytics, new construction, histories, to contact databases. Whether your needs are for Onsite, Management, Owner, Acquisitions, Development, Vendor Supplier or an Apartment Association, ALN provides you with instant access to detailed multifamily information.

*Stats change often.

ALN updates our data monthly, striving to bring the client timely and accurate data. Although no one is 100% accurate, ALN’s research teams are working hard every day for our clients in order to give them the educated tools to enable the best business decisions in the multifamily industry.


All of our information is gathered by researchers, emails, faxes and data feeds from the owner/management companies. Information reflected today is available in our different database programs, which include ALN OnLine (Owner/Manager), Vendor Edge Plus and Compass National (Products and Services), and our Locator Program.

From ALN’s Research Team Call Centers in Dallas/Fort Worth  and Mayfield, Kentucky to our sources within our markets that ALN diligently tracks, each completed survey has gone through a number of proprietary data checks that assure the information collected is correct. Information obtained from sources deemed reliable; however, ALN Apartment Data provides neither warranties nor guarantees.

ALN’s product set consist of conventional, affordable, senior independent and affordable, student and military housing. Vendor Edge Plus, ALN OnLine and Locator programs reflect 50+ unit properties. Compass reflects 1 unit or greater. ALN’s database contains all property age categories.

ALN continues to provide multifamily professionals the tools they need to make decisions and stay competitive in the nation's fastest growing markets. We're working hard to give you the edge you need to keep ahead of the curve, and are consistently updating and redefining our data to ensure our quality holds true for your expectations.

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Data System Copyrights

All data, information and materials provided through the System is copyrighted and is provided to the Subscriber for their individual use only and in no case shall be used in any manner that would be deemed competitive to ALN. All resale, redistribution or other forms of dissemination is strictly forbidden unless ALN gives written consent.